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​Three Reasons Your Knife is One of Your Most Important Tools for Fishing, Hunting, and Camping

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This article comes to us from Chip Pittman, owner of The Kershaw Store, an authorized dealer that proudly offers exclusively Kershaw and KAI Knives. Chip is an expert in all-things knives and enjoys hunting and fishing.

If you're an outdoor enthusiast, then you know that there are many tools that you need when fishing camping, or hunting. Proper clothes, a compass, and a flashlight are some of the most basic items that you might take for a weekend trip. However, one of the most important tools for hunting and camping of any kind is a knife. In fact, your knife may be the most essential tool you have when you're spending time in the great outdoors. Keep reading for three essential uses for your knife that demonstrate why it's absolutely essential. 

1. Splitting Fire Wood & Making Fire

Whether you're just camping for the weekend or you get lost in the woods and need to go into survival mode, staying warm is essential to staying safe. In addition to keeping you warm, a fire can cook food, provide you with light and protection, and even help you be found in the case that you become lost. If you have a knife with you, you can split wood, make kindling, and even start a fire. If you plan on striking out into the woods for any length of time, make sure you bring a good sturdy knife with you.

2. First Aid

While chances are you won't sustain any injuries while hunting or camping, you still need to be prepared to administer first aid to yourself in the event that something does go wrong. A knife can help you to cut wood to splint a broken limb, to cut fabric to tie around a wound to decrease bleeding, to cut medical tape or bandages, and can help to remove debris that is stuck under the skin. In fact, a knife is even one of the best tools for removing something as minor (yet painful) as a splinter, or a hook! While a professional should always perform first aid when possible, a knife may just save your life in the event that you do have an accident while out in the wild or at sea.

3. Preparing Food

Whether your fishing, hunting, or camping, you need to eat. If you plan on hunting and gathering your meals yourself while in the mountains, then a knife can be a great tool for making the kill or cutting edible plants and berries. A knife is also essential for skinning and cleaning animals or fish. If, however, you brought food on your journey, your knife can still be important for things like opening a can of food, cutting your meal into rationed portions for your trip, opening packages, cracking and opening nuts, and more.

If you love fishing, camping, and hunting, you should always have a knife on you. In addition to the things above, a knife can provide you with self-defense, assistance in building shelter, and can even act as a screwdriver in a pinch. When selecting a knife, it's important that you choose the right knife for the job, and should take things such as size, weight, blade sharpness, and edges into consideration. If you're looking for the perfect knife for your hunting, fishing and camping needs, head over to http://www.thekershawstore.com/ to take a look at their incredible selection of knives at excellent prices. As with any weapon or tool, be sure to store it safely and exercise caution when using it.