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The natural marine resource that we share is so very precious and fragile. At Santos Designs, we are committed to supporting sustainable fishing and harvesting practices. We strongly encourage our partners and customers to do the same.


Each year, a portion of our revenue is invested in organizations who share a vision of sustainability for tomorrow. Together, we can ensure that our sport continues to flourish, and that the health of the marine ecosystem is uncompromised for future generations.




These are the specific practices that we encourage, and support:


The release of all billfish. This should be accomplished without removing the fish from water if possible.


Tagging and removal from the water of fish to be released should only be carried out where scientific, or conservation merit exists. The less a fish is handled, the less slime and scales are lost, and the greater the likelihood that the fish will survive.


The targeting and retention of "non-threatened" species only. Methods to reduce the by-catch of threatened species should be employed. The targeting of species with high “release mortality” rates should also be avoided unless the angler intends to retain these fish in advance.


The use of artificial baits when possible to reduce deep hooking. Throat or gut hooked fish have a much greater chance of post release mortality.


When natural and live baits are used, anglers should use high carbon steel circle hooks only. Circle hooks markedly reduce the likelihood of gut and throat hooking. If the hook cannot be removed without harming the fish, the leader should be cut as close to the hook as possible. High carbon steel will corrode away very quickly in the ocean. Stainless Steel will not; therefore it should not be used for natural bait fishing.


The use of heavier lines and leaders when fishing with the intention of release so that the length of fight can be reduced. All fish have a much greater chance for survival when they can be released early, and before the point of exhaustion. Fish should be revived in the water prior to release.


Hook and line commercial fisheries.


The eventual elimination of lead in all fishing. As lead is highly toxic to all living things, its use should be avoided when it is likely that it would be introduced permanently into the environment. Santos lures and weights are made with steel and tungsten for weight wherever possible.


Some of our favorite organizations: