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LibraTech Inserts & and the Riglock System

The proper orientation, and position of a lure's hooks is imperative in achieving the highest possible hookup ratios, and solid ones that will endure the fight. Different species have different tendencies and anatomies, and therefore require different tactics. The Santos RigLock(TM) system allows the easy positioning, and orientation of the hookset within the skirts. It also stiffens the connection between lure and hookset which further increases the chances of a solid hookup on every strike.

Additionally, the proper hookset orientation cannot be maintained without ensuring that the lure stays upright as designed. The Santos LibraTech(TM) insert ensures that this takes place. A full 90% of the insert's mass is positioned below the leader tube. Not only does this allow for ideal rig positioning, but it contributes to the overall stability of the lure. This is even more important for angle faced lures which have higher insert volumes above the leader tube or center line.

Keeping the lure upright through a low center of gravity also allows the most life-like representation of the lure skirt patterns, and eyes.

The greater the stability of a lure, the greater speed that can be achieved, and thus the greater amount of water that can be covered. This is where lures have a clear advantage over natural bait when the fish have not yet been located.